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Why Apple needs to make a 2-in-1 MacBook

[ad_1] Tech News || For years now, the likes of Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft have been manufacturing 2-in-1 laptops…

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Google’s Pixel 7 falls to $499 and also offers a $100 Amazon gift card | Engadget

[ad_1] Tech News || Google’s Pixel 7 is still one of the best value smartphones available and now you can…

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WWDC 2023 live blog: Apple VR headset, MacBook Air 15, iOS 17 and more

[ad_1] Tech News || Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference officially kicks off today at 10am PT in Cupertino, California, when…

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Latest Webb Telescope images gives a look at stars being born in the Virgo constellation | Engadget

[ad_1] Tech News || It seems like every few weeks, NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Canadian Space…

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Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for the iPad make a compelling case for a tablet-based studio | Engadget

[ad_1] Tech News || Ever since Apple released the first iPad in 2010, a common refrain is that the tablet…

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WWDC 2023: the 3 big reveals we need from Apple

[ad_1] Tech News || Now that Google I/O 2023, Microsoft Build 2023 and Computex 2023 are behind us, it’s Apple’s…

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Apple WWDC 2023: What to expect, from iOS 17 to new MacBooks | Engadget

[ad_1] Tech News || Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference regularly sets the tone for the company’s future, and that may be…

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GTA 5 took 10 years to introduce this feature and we’re so pleased it’s finally here

[ad_1] Tech News || Good news, citizens of Los Santos – you can now press a button to run in…

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Hitting the Books: Why we like bigger things better | Engadget

[ad_1] Tech News || We Americans love to have ourselves a big old time. It’s not just our waistlines that…

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12 Great Deals on Coolers, Grills, and Bags

[ad_1] Tech News || We haven’t reached the summer solstice yet, but the first week of June always feels like…

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