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Move to change how U.S. tracks pesticide use sparks protest

[ad_1] News Post || Tech News Last year, Alan Kolok, an ecotoxicologist at the University of Idaho, published a study…

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U.S. debt deal clouds hopes of big increases for science agencies

[ad_1] News Post || Tech News An agreement struck over the weekend between President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin…

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NIH toughens enforcement of delayed clinical trials reporting

[ad_1] News Post || Tech News Last year, the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) delivered a stern warning to…

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At long last, ocean drillers exhume a bounty of rocks from Earth’s mantle

[ad_1] News Post || Tech News In 1961, geologists off the Pacific coast of Mexico embarked on a daring journey…

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Dogs have two gene mutations that explain why they are friendly

[ad_1] News Post || Tech News A genetic and behavioural study has identified two mutations in a gene called melanocortin…

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Mental health emergency responder programme cut crime rates in Denver

[ad_1] News Post || Tech News A six-month pilot programme in Denver, Colorado, that had mental health specialists instead of…

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Vast reservoir of water discovered under the ice in Antarctica

[ad_1] News Post || Tech News Ice streams in Antarctica carry ice from the continent’s centre to the ocean, and…

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Will Russia’s attack on a Ukrainian nuclear plant cause a meltdown?

[ad_1] News Post || Tech News Shelling at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant has injured two people and caused a…

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