We hope you come and see Soller and enjoy the new visitor opportunities

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I am more than aware that small town politics and cloudy weather are not what the majority of people want to read about. Local politics have consumed us, and most didn’t get the results they were hoping for. Those on holiday right now are also bored with the endless cloud, as they came here for wall-to-wall sunshine.

I will move swiftly on away from both topics and hope by the time you read this the sun is back with us again. June is a very special month in the Soller calendar as it marks the beginning of the Fiesta season. All local villages and towns have their Saints Days which turn into 3- 5 day celebrations of life. Round our way we love St John, St Peter and St Bartholomew. We also love Mary in all her incarnations as the Mother of God and looking after the seafarers as Carmen. Saints Days are important for local children as theirs are often like a second birthday with presents and celebrations. The fiestas all connect to the Church and are part of the calendar of life in the Soller Valley. We all know about them and their special stories.

Take St Rita for example, she is the ‘Saint of Impossible Causes’ and loved a rose or two. On her day the faithful attend a mass in her honour. They take roses to the Church which are then distributed as gifts from the parish. In times gone by an infusion of rose petals was made and the liquid anointed on the eyes of those who had sight issues. This is said to have resulted in a few ‘impossible cause’ miracles. We are very fond of Rita.


The Soller train has gone into full season mode with six departures each way, every day. The travellers are always welcome in Soller to stay awhile before catching the tram. Often people just jump straight on the tram when they arrive and head for the Port. All they see of Soller is crossing the Square in the Tram, and the back gardens of L’horta as they pass. There is chatter around to change the tram timetable so visitors have time to wander before they carry on with their day trip.

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We are so busy with weddings in June and all involved love the fine occasions. I am a Celebrant and this weekend I have a great occasion at the Gardens of Alfabia. An Irish couple with many guests who have made the effort to get here from Nigeria. I know this will be a visually spectacular affair.
The exams of the Soller Valley for this years school leavers happen this week. After the joy or pain of the Baccalaureate results the Selectividad happens. These are the exams which you need to gain a university place. The pressure is on the families at this time as choices for September and work placement decisions are all on hold till the results come through.

A new visitor opportunity has been launched in St Bartholomew’s Church. Work behind the scenes to create exhibition space has been going on for months. The space is distributed between the sacristy and an adjoining room which contains the most valuable pieces that belong to the church’s treasury. Among them, you can see a pectoral of Cardinal Despuig and some attributes left by Bishop Mateu Colom in Soller. It also shows different chasubles that are part of the church’s collection of vestments and some of the chalices, cups and crowns that have been hidden from the public until now. This new exhibition has a 3-euro entry fee.

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The Botanical Gardens of Soller is worth a visit when you come down our way. Recently renamed MUCBO, which culminates the merger of the two entities that began three years ago. The manager of the foundation, Daniel Gallego, explained that “the creation of a new brand and image which includes both the museum, and the botanical garden culminates a three-year process of a lot of work.”. A beautiful oasis on the Soller main road to the Port.

We hope you come and see us soon and enjoy the new visitor opportunities.

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